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Marketing Strategies

Learn Proven Business Marketing Strategies

American Sharpening Institute is offering a training session that is devoted to the business and marketing side of the sharpening business. We are unique in the industry in offering this training. Marketing Classroom

This is a training session that must not be missed.

Many sharpeners have failed or never reached their full potential because they did not have the business and marketing strategies required to be successful. Learning to sharpen is of course fundamental but unfortunately only part of the successful equation. Without this valuable session you could sabotage or delay your success possibly by years.

Quotation MarksThis session is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing and I would highly recommend taking the Marketing Strategies course, it is well worth it.Quotation Marks
Mark H.
  • Teaching you the key element that has made American Sharpening the sucess that it is. This in itself is worth the course.
  • A marketing strategy that is utilized by major corporations world wide, but is kept quite secret. It shows how to keep direction and focus.
  • How to analyze and price your market.
  • Sharpening job progression. Invoice through delivery.
  • Learn how to market shears without spending excessive time or having to be a expert salesman. This has the potential to increase your revenue by as much as 30% or more.
  • You will learn how to add additional profit centers to your business.
  • Included is a ride along to grooming and/or beauty salons, meeting not only the customers but owners and managers as well. This will give you the real feel in dealing with industry customers.
  • It will be necessary to deal with a variety of suppliers and distributors while conducting your business. It is critical that you deal with the best. We identify these and set you up with them as a wholesaler. This will save you time and money by not having to use trial and error.
  • No one else offers a program as comprehensive as this !